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We live in a reality where visual communication is the top driving force in controlling how the human mind will interact and behave in society. We grew up being trained that what we see is an unchangeable, rigid reality, existing in front of our eyes, without our conscious involvement, making a great impact on our development. We grow and become dependent on images and senseless to the vibration of our “invisible” much bigger self that communicate with the world on so many levels. Because images are a very important part of our belief system, we can use them for our benefit and transform the life blueprint we carry within, through our subconscious mind.
Atza produces intuitive images that are beneficial in finding communication with the higher self and they help on a subconscious level to intensify intentional, conscious work towards personal development. Usually you have to be  already on a conscious path to self discovery to be able to see opportunities present in images. Sometimes, when a person is ready, images (intuitive signs) trigger the opening of possibilities for personal growth on the path of life, even when the process is not conscious. 
With learning through reading, usually thought activity is used to digest and implement new information into the life stream. Time and effort are required to change the structure or blueprint of our belief system or filter through which we see the world around and within us.
Using the power of the images that you will find here, no thought proceses are required, only absolute presence in the moment, being aware of life energy streaming through the body, heart pulsations and conscious breathing. Meaning that, the right moment to be aware of the images, is when you feel intensely alive and that state alone will bring you wellness on all levels of life experience. 

Open your heart and feel mind and body join in a transformation process through images, which are presenting us with an opportunity to become conscious creators.

An image goes much deeper where word or thought can’t reach. Use the images as messengers carrying energy vibration information to your higher self. The feelings you receive will be feedback in the form of guidance from the higher self. Pay attention to your feelings and adjust accordingly towards your goals. 

Image applications
Intuitive images could be applied on any clothing article so that the power of the image moves with you to remind you of your divine nature.
Printed cards are a way to focus and to have images with you wherever you go.
Banners on city streets can raise the vibration of the area and clear stale energy so new ideas can arise.
The home or office environment is more vibrant with displayed images of high vibration to remind and inspire you to focus upon and feel your inner world, that is driving you through life anyway, usually unconsciously.
A book or website can communicate messages of inspiration about the diversity of life and the endless possibilities we carry inside us. 

Through the new intuitive sacred geometrical entities Atza brings to his art, the mind opens to a spectrum of vibration penetrating the whole universe with a love of life.

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Images as most powerful tool

Personal Motto:
“When out of balance or in doubt, go into body and feel its life vibration.”

               ❂   ❂   ❂

“Your thoughts and feelings are important; choose them wisely, 
you will live in life they create!”

               ❂ AtzA ❂

my favourite details:

What to look for in images:
Every image contains details that are taking you beyond image itself into a timeless state of mind. Look for as much detail in one image as you can and feel the space you occupy expand.
We are talking here of our awareness expanding out of its boundaries. Look into an image with your whole body, and feel its vibration connecting with your body’s vibration.
Focus your attention on your breath and breathe through the image. Feel image breathing its energy back to you.
Now focus your attention on your heart and open your heart. Feel your heart pulsing through the image and exchange waves of feelings with the image.
Well...just be creative!