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Elements that help open the gate to your divine nature

“Everything is energy. Energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed. Use your intention to transform any energy vibration into a beneficial form of energy for your life. Your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, body, material possessions... are all forms of energy. You always use this fact of creation in your life, when you use it with conscious involvement your life becomes your dream.”


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SoulGate Discovery is a transformational life experience that resonates  with present the time in our evolution and is helping us awaken to the full potential of our divine nature. When you reach and open the gate towards the inner world, your perception of life greatly improves on many levels. 
First there is awareness of the life force streaming through your body, watering every cell with the vibration of presence. Intense presence opens our mind, body and heart to a new, vivid perception of the processes happening inside our being. Awareness of the inner world brings a shift in understanding what life is. 
Our senses are no longer occupied only with the outer reality that is made by us through unconscious involvement. Our senses become aware of the inner vibrational structure we carry inside us that is the actual blueprint of the life we live. We never knew that the Holy Grail, the treasure beyond our dreams, resides inside us. Unconscious existence was our predominant state of being. Our new state of awareness brings us to a natural connection with the source of all life. The infinite source of life is before us, but our life reflects only what we have built inside us based on our understanding of the blueprint at this time. The structure of life inside us is a living vibrational pattern that we have created through our unconscious behaviour. 
Now with regaining our natural conscious knowledge we become architects that build, renovate, life inside our body that reflects in the present outer life. See the living inner structure through your feelings, and when you start to feel the magnificence of infinite possibilities present inside you, you will start to create the inner masterpiece that will influence your outer life with your conscious involvement. 

Attraction of like forces
The law of attraction is one of the most important elements to be aware of.
Energies that we carry inside us, including feelings, beliefs, conscious or unconscious ways of habitual thinking; they all form a field of energy that interacts with the universe and then brings into our experience situations, people, artifacts, feelings...that carry the same energy vibration in them. We are like a magnet attracting things to us on the basis of the world we have built inside ourselves. If we monitor what is happening inside our thoughts and feelings, and we consciously start to create what we really want inside our energy field, that real life created inside becomes evident and mirrors itself in the outer reality. Use this force and transmute any energy you feel, become an alchemist.

Gratitude as fuel for intentional creation
When feeling grateful for our present life and everything that we are right now , we are building good feeling vibrations inside the body which can be used to fuel our intentional creation and bring our dreams into reality with ease and joy. Be grateful and say thank you to people, circumstances, everything you have, life itself. Feel that thank you as energy coming from your heart, feel its meaning and high frequency vibration. The gratitude and love created by you in your body is highest vibrational form of energy that can fuel and sustain limitless life creation.

importance of focus
Keeping focused on the creative process that is happening within us continually, is a great awakening. We have to train ourselves to stay focused on what we desire to create in our life. The longer we stay in the present moment and keep focusing our energy towards our goal, the faster it becomes part of our experience. Write down reminders, carry with you things that will alert your mind to focus on how you intend to see your life. 

Present moment awareness 
Being in the body and present moment are crucial. When you are aware of the body, beating of the heart, breathing, life vibrating through the cells, you are immersed in the present moment and there are no thoughts to distract you. Our life is constructed of infinite present moments and everything happens only then. The focus of our life, and everything our life is, exists in this present moment. Nothing happened to us in the past or future, everything we experience is in the present moment.
Our resources for life, energy information from the source, natural universal knowledge are all available through the portal of the present moment. If we live in our thoughts all the time we always think of the past or future, and we are disconnected from the source and who we are. We live a life by default, subject to outside influences, not even realizing that the choice of how to live, was always ours.
That is why focusing our attention on our inner living vibrational pattern brings the abundance of conscious life presence and elevates our perception of how we feel and sense the world.

“Living in the body” is the long lost art of living and conscious existence. When you go deep into the body and feel the movement of life in vibrational energy form, you realize that the structure you are sensing is mouldable like a play-dough. Playing with vibration or energy seems unreal, yet our physical reality depends on our invisible non-physical state of being. See yourself and everything you perceive as energy or vibration (on the quantum level that is what we are) and start playing with feelings. We are able to produce feelings on a conscious intentional level. We are brought up with the idea that socially acceptable feelings are the ones produced in response to outer life circumstances, situations or influences. We always have a choice, and the magic of our creativity is producing our feelings intentionally, in the present moment. Feelings and intense presence are the key for opening our SoulGate and connection with what we truly are: amazing creators. With such awareness you start creating a life of utmost beauty and that is the art of living. “Living in the body” and being aware of feelings, a state of presence and focused intention brings confidence of greater good and abundance as our state of being. With practice you will be able to stay in the body for longer periods of time, even when involved in regular daily activities.

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